This years RACE FOR THE FUTURE will be part of our series race on September 11th 2021.


  • The RACE FOR THE FUTURE is a fundraiser event that the club organizes to raise money to help fellow riders.
    • The fundraiser is in honor of Ken Stevenson and David Charlton.
      • Ken Stevenson had a devastating crash while racing in 2008 which left him as a quadriplegic.
      • David Charlton passed away on August 8, 2015 while competing at our annual International
  •  Through this event the AOTMX is able to provide financial support to the Stevenson family and with the Charlton’s wishes maintain a fund in the memory of David so that in the event another AOTMX member incurs a life altering injury support is available.

Racing Classes

The racing classes will be the AOTMX class structure & race day schedule.

  • See the Race Day Schedule for practice/ race order & to see the AOTMX class structure.

AOTMX Membership

Racing will be open to everyone (Day/weekend  passes available).

  • Day Membership/Pass(Required if you are not an AOTMX member).
    • $30 for main racing family member & $15 for each addition immediate family member.

AOTMX 2021 Series Points

  • AOTMX series points will not be awarded riders who have purchased a day membership/pass.

Other Event Details

Race: AOTMX Series Race, Round#11 & Race For The Future

Location: Antler Lake, Adrossan Alberta

NO TRESPASSING (Antler is a private track and is only allowed to be used three times a year during our events) 

: Saturday September 11th ,  7:30am to 8:30am

Riders Meeting: 8:30am (All rider are required to attend)

Practice: 9:00am Practice .

Facility Fee: $20.00 per membership (Day Pass / per family).

Entry Fees

  Main Class :$40.00  per entry (all classes)

  85cc / 65cc :$30.00  per entry/per day

   2nd Classes: $30 per entry / per day (all 2nd classes)

-Racers who choose to race a 2nd class(Entry $30) will not be scored for that class.

*Some 2nd classes may have separate gate drop for the 2nd class.

PLEASE NOTE: In the event of a race cancellation or injury, there is zero refunds. This policy is in effect as entry fees in the event of cancellation go directly to cover club expenses that went into prepping the race weekend – insurance, ambulance, porta potty and other fees accrued to host the event.

Gate Fee: Free

Camping: Free

*Riders under 18 require to have parent or legal guardian present!

Classes are determined by age and skill level.

OT classes and rules apply.

All riders will be required to sign up for rotating flagging.

Download PDF of the Poster Here.

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