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2024 Race Day Schedule 


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Part 2: Announcements for the Upcoming Season

Well folks, here’s part 2 of our announcements for the upcoming season. It’s with mixed emotions that we announce our departure from the IOTMX to focus our attention on Alberta Vet racing. While there’s too much info to share in one post, I’ll make it as brief and to the point as I can. The annual International race has always been a pillar in the Alberta racing community, and we will always remember where our roots started from. But with the changing environment of our sport and the lack of out-of-province racers, it was time to create some new ideas. The IOTMX has a specific set of rules and costs that make this event unique but also difficult to grow or change with any new idea. And while other clubs are also struggling, we have made the decision to expand and try something different. We received well wishes from the IOTMX, and we wish them nothing but the best in the future. Please note this event will still be open to out-of-town racers, and all vet club memberships will still be honored.

Now onto what’s new for our club… we would like to introduce the Alberta Vet National. While this will be very similar to the past International, it will be hosted by the AOTMX and will have some slight changes that we feel will make the event exciting to all Vet riders and hopefully encourage racers to come check out our event.

  • Event Website:
  • Stand-Alone Event:
    • This event will not be part of our regular points series, making the racing exciting for everyone and not affecting your points if new riders are racing you.
  • New Classes:
    • Vet 2 Stroke Only Class
    • Vintage Class (previously announced GP class will not be a part of this event)
  • Elimination of Mandatory Dinner:
    • We will be eliminating the mandatory dinner from the event as this was a huge burden on the club for expense and also wasn’t fair to force racers into food they may not want to eat. We are looking into options to fill this spot with something more viable.

We are still working on some details that will be released at a later date, so there will be more info to come. We want everyone to know we have the best intentions for this club in its growth and future in Alberta Vet MX. We had tons of discussions in our board meetings, and this was met with positivity across the board. We can’t please everyone, but if we don’t try new things, we will never know what’s possible. Please keep things positive and feel free to ask any questions as I’m sure there will be some, and if you choose to be negative, keep it respectful. Cheers to an exciting season everyone!





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