About the AOTMX


The Alberta Oldtimers Motocross Association started (1977 – 2023) as the Alberta chapter of the IOTMX, International Oldtimers Motocross Association. The club was organized in 1977 and has grown steadily since. We are now one of the largest motocross clubs in Alberta. The club hosts mostly two-day Oldtimer Moto-X events with an emphasis on family fun in a more relaxed atmosphere. 

Even though we are no longer part of the International Oldtimers Motocross Association the original and present philosophy of the club is to provide a relaxed, family oriented atmosphere for people who enjoy their motocross with the emphasis on friendly competition with riders of similar skill levels. The intensity level is lower than found in provincial or national championship events and the tracks are “Oldtimer Friendly” making them relatively safe and fun for competitors of all ages. Club races are as much a social event as they are a competition. Who won the race is seldom of as much interest as what happened during the race. The longer you sit by the Saturday night campfire bench-racing, the bigger and better the stories get. 

Meeting are held periodically throughout the year. Check our Home page or the Meeting & Agendas topic in our forum for dates. 

Originally members had to be forty years or older (eligible for the International Oldtimers classes) but that requirement has changed and now anyone 18 years or older can join and participate in our events. Voting privileges are restricted to members 30 and over. 

In the past  each spring we ran a practice series on Wednesday evenings & weekends for four to six weeks. This was a great opportunity to scrub the rust off your riding skills and renew acquaintances. However as our events increased and started earlier in the spring, the Wednesday evenings & weekends series had to decrease and we no longer have the series.


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