Event & Race Class Information

Event Information

The majority of AOTMX events are two day race events held on one weekend. Most classes ride two motos on Saturday and two motos on Sunday. On occasion we hold single day events on the Sunday. Sometimes these are combined with a Riding School or Team Race for riders on Saturday, followed by the race on Sunday.

Class Information Classes are based on the International Oldtimers format which divides the classes by both age and skill. Bike displacement is not a factor in Oldtimer classes. 

AOTMX Rider Skill Classifications are as follows

Novice: For riders that are new to the sport and the slower riders in any given age group. 
             Novice Number Plates: Green Backgrounds / White Numbers.

Intermediate: This typically makes up the largest group. These are experienced motocross riders of average ability who you wouldn’t call fast guys. If you are kicking butt on a regular basis in this class you should move up with the fast guys. If you finish top three one weekend and then can’t crack the top ten at the next event, you should probably remain in the amateur class until your consistency improves. 
             Intermediate Number Plates: Yellow Backgrounds / Black Numbers.

Expert: These are the fast guys in any given age group. 
             Expert Number Plates: White Backgrounds / Black Numbers.

Master: These are the fastest of the fast. Pretty simple right? 
             Masters Number Plates: Black Backgrounds / White Numbers.

The International OLDTIMER organization is focused on Oldtimer (Plus 40 and older) riders. Their International events, particularly those held in the states attract hundreds of Plus 40 and older riders and additional classes are required to divide everyone up fairly. That is the intention of the Master classes to support multiple levels of “fast guys”. 40+ Master A 50+ Master The AOTMX supports these additional classes at all of our events to help the fastest riders in these age groups compete with riders of similar skill level and better prepare them for competition at the International events. Most often these classes are run in the same race as the Expert class but on separate gates. Remember sandbagging in a class below your true ability isn’t going to make you faster or help you improve your riding skill. It is only by battling with riders of similar or better skill level, that you can improve. And improving even just a little, each time you compete provides the most satisfaction no matter what your current skill level. Being honest with yourself, getting into the correct class where you can have fun, and work on improving your skills, these are important elements that will ensure you enjoy your Oldtimer Motocross racing season.

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