Event & Race Class Information

The majority of AOTMX events are two day race events held on one weekend. Most classes ride two motos on Saturday and two motos on Sunday. On occasion we hold single day events on the Sunday. Sometimes these are combined with a Riding School or Team Race for riders on Saturday, followed by the race on Sunday.

Race Classes

To participate in the+30, +40, +50, +60, & +70 classes A rider’s age shall be determined by their age reached prior to the end of the calendar year (Example if you turn 30 in June you can compete in the Plus 30 class as a first class)

  • no exceptions
A.O.T.M.X. Race Series Classes
  • +70 (any age over 70) – classes will be a combined class
  • +60 – Novice, Intermediate, Expert
  • +50 – Novice, Intermediate, Expert
  • +40 – Novice, Intermediate, Expert
  • +30 – Novice, Intermediate, Expert
  • U30 A, B ( A- Advanced  & B- Beginner)
    • 25-29-year old’s are also able to race in the plus 30 class in their respected skill level.
    • Riders will  be subject skill level change if you are deemed to be in the wrong skill.
  • GP A, B (open age class based on skill level) ( A- Advanced  & B- Beginner)
  • Ladies A, B ( A- Advanced  & B- Beginner)
  • 85cc
  • 65cc
AOTMX Rider Skill Classifications are as follows

Novice: For riders that are new to the sport and the slower riders in any given age group. 

Intermediate: This typically makes up the largest group. These are experienced motocross riders of average ability who you wouldn’t call fast guys. 

Expert: These are the fast guys in any given age group. 

Class Information Classes are based on a Oldtimer format which divides the classes by both age and skill. Bike displacement is not a factor in Oldtimer classes. Expert.


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