2024 Memberships Available! Changes!


Good evening race fans !! Long post warning !! We are excited to announce our memberships will be available online tomorrow (March 01 2024) but we thought we’d share a little 2 part update with part 2 coming in the next few weeks.

Part 1: Club Updates and Changes for 2024 Season

After extensive discussions at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) and board meetings, we have decided to refresh our club with new ideas aimed at fostering growth, enhancing the enjoyment of joining, and ensuring inclusivity for all racers and families. While we understand that we can’t satisfy everyone, we believe these changes will attract new members and maintain the strength of our current membership. All updated rules and guidelines are available on our website. Here are some significant changes:

  1. Membership Fees:
    • Single Membership: $150
    • Family Membership: $300
    • Due to increased sponsor support, we are thrilled to lower the prices from last year.
  2. Weekend/Day Passes:
    • Available at all races for $25 per day (single) or $35 per day (family).
    • Day passes won’t be scored for points in the series; points are exclusively for full-time club members.
    • Flagging is mandatory and must be done at sign-in.
  3. Practice Track Day Passes:
    • Available for Westlock and Vegreville practice tracks for $15 per rider.
    • Only available when accompanied by a club member.
    • Members are responsible for their guests, ensuring waivers are signed and fees are paid.
    • Non-compliance may result in membership revocation, and trespassers will be dealt with by the police.
    • Designed for close friends and family to enjoy a day at the track. Minors must have a parent or legal guardian; no exceptions.
  4. Pit Bikes and Electric Assisted Bicycles:
    • Pit bikes are not allowed.
    • Electric-assisted bicycles with pedals are permitted. If the e-bike has a throttle, it must have pedals to be considered a bicycle.
    • Executive members may grant exceptions on a case-by-case basis.
  5. Age-Specific Changes:
    • 65cc and 85cc riders no longer require a parent to race. Parents must be present at all times, and a family membership is required. Volunteer requirements must be met.
    • 18 to 24-year-old racers can now race independently and can be associate members, subject to volunteer requirements evaluation.
    • 18 to 24-year-old riders are limited to racing in their respective U30 class or GP, excluding them from the plus 30 class.
    • 24 to 29-year-olds are still allowed in the plus 30 class as a second class, along with U30 and GP.
  6. New Class Announcement: GP Open Class:
    • Skill-level-based class: A (Advanced) or B (Beginner).
    • Open to all ages, providing an opportunity for friends in different age groups to race each other.
  7. Class Restructuring:
    • U30 classes will now be A (Advanced) and B (Beginner), and plus 30, 40, 50, 60 classes will be divided into Novice, Intermediate, and Expert.
    • The Master class is removed due to low numbers in the motos, aiming to have more riders on the line.
    • Plus 70 class remains unchanged as the Plus 70 class.

We appreciate your understanding and positive engagement. Let’s make the 2024 season an incredible one! Special thanks to our board members for their hard work!

For any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Here’s to a fantastic 2024 season!