Vegreville Is OPEN

Good Morning

The track condition as of yesterday is good enough to open the track. There is a couple of wet spots and the sand section does have a big puddle to go around. If you have mailed in this years membership please contact me for the gate combo.

Please remember not to bring any non members to ride the track. that would put us at great risk of loosing the facility. Remember to sign the waiver on the back of the sign in shack.

We will get equipment out to tune up the track as soon as possible.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Chris Pouliot

1 thought on “Vegreville Is OPEN

  1. Veg is open but it is WAY overgrown. Most of the track is waist high or higher with weeds. The weeds are taller than the Canola field next door. Not really rideable the way it is now. 😩😩

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