With the westlock race approaching in 3.5 weeks I would like to ask now for help with the property maintenance and clean up. With this race being in the summer it is a great time for some of the kids that aren’t in school to get outside and participate in the preparation of one of our events. In our rental agreement with the westlock agricultural society we have a responsibility to cut the grass and trim the weeds, as well cut and trim before the westlock fair. We were hoping that the race prep of the property would hold over to the westlock fair and thus save us doing the lawnwork a second time. The more people we have that are able to go out for a few hours makes the work easier for everyone (many hands makes light work).  Please let me know if you are able to go out or if you kids are able to go out.

Thanks in advance and your help is very much appreciated

Chris Pouliot

By Chris

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  1. We are looking to arrange a work night on Tuesday evening with as many people as we can get. Please bring weed eaters etc, if you can’t make it for Tuesday any help you can offer between now and the race sis very much appreciated, it will go a long way to fulfilling our lease agreements, the general appearance of the facility, pride and a better experience at the event. We only have a couple more events that we will need help like this at.

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