AOTMX Track Rules

  • If you DO NOT have a 2024 Membership there will NOT be anyone at the track to accept them.
  • AOTMX Membership are available online, Please read the Membership Guidelines before purchasing as if you do not qualify it will be denied or revoked.


Westlock & Vegreville Track Rules

Please follow these rules when enjoying the use of the track.

  1.  Riding allowed from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM the rest of the week including weekends(with the following exceptions).
    • WESTLOCK – Absolutely NO riding on Tuesdays 5:00pm – 9:00pm. This is the day the RC Club uses the area.
    • WESTLOCK – Absolutely NO riding during Funerals. The funeral grounds are across the road from us and part of our agreement is that we will not ride during a funeral. They will not come and tell you there is one happening but you will see a line of cars driving into the graveyard. Please keep an eye out for this and if you see it please stop riding and tell everyone else at the track to stop. It usually takes less than an hour for them to have the ceremony so please be patient and when you see the cars all leaving, you can start up again.
      If we do not obey this, we can lose the track so please do.
  2. No riding on the roads or outside the fenced area.
  3. AOTMX members/Track members only allowed on the track.
  4. No riding alone, there must be at least 2 people at the track to ride.
  5. No alcohol to be consumed before or during riding.
  6. Please pick up your garbage. There is a bin to put it in or take it home with you.
  7.  No more than 10 people on any track at one time.
  8. Sign the waiver form located in the aluminum folder bolted to the building wall by the concession at Westlock and behind the Bleachers by the start gate at Vegreville.  If you are signing for your children, there is a separate waiver for that.
  9. HAVE FUN and enjoy your ride