Membership Frequently Asked Questions & Answers.

Q: How much is a AOTMX Membership?
A: Single: $150 / Family: $300

Q: Can I buy a Membership at the race event?
A: Yes, Please make sure you understand the Membership Guidelines (rules) before you come out to event, nothing is more disappointing then coming all the way out to event and not meeting Membership requirements.

Q: Who can purchase a AOTMX membership?
A:  We have Memberships available to riders from 25-29 years of age (Associate Racer), and 30 years of age and older (Full Racing Membership)

Q: My child wants to race but I don’t ride can I purchase a membership so he can ride at AOTMX events?
A: No Membership is limited to Racers, their spouse and children(24 years of age and younger). The clubs main focus is the Oldtimers racer (40years of age and older).

Q: I am 22 and my brother is able to buy a membership (25 and older) Can I ride under his membership?
A: No, the idea behind allowing riders under the age of 25 to ride as support rider is for the Oldtimer rider to be able to have his/her children enjoy the race weekend with him/her. You will have to wait until you are 25.

Q: Wouldn’t it be better for the club financially if they allowed everyone to become a member?
A: Yes, Fortunately we are not in it for the money.

Q: I did not do my required volunteer work last year, can I still purchase a Membership this year?
A: Yes & No, you will have to make arrangements to fullfill your last years Volunteer work before