Welcome to The New Site!


We have moved our site to new software and in the process done away with the traditional forum format (the site menu still says forum).


In place of our old Forum we have a discussion area that allows members to post under the Member Discussion category.


For more details see the how to “Start a New Post” & “Comment on a Members  Post”  post in our how to section.

To post a new post you will need to be register on this site.



We were unable to bring over  username & Passwords from our old site as the passwords were encrypted and it would be a huge hassle for all involved.

At the moment all  post and pages areas can be viewed by all site  visitors but some areas will start to be limited to registered user only. You must be a AOTMX member to register on this site.


Old Site Forum

Our old forum will be available to view your and others old forum posts as an  Archived Site  but posting will no longer be available.

You will be able to log in for a short period (thinking a couple months) to allow members to get any information you may want to keep.

After that you will be able to access and read the old posts but not your profile.


Other Features

There are a lot of other features, most of them on the admin side of the site but one stands out so far is the new “Buy & Sell” plug in.

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