tribute of Zoli on MXA’s website

Hey everyone. I hope you all are doing ok during this bizarre nightmare of covid. We have a month or so till the dirt comes back into our lives. today I was poking around looking for info on tomorrow’s supercross and saw a nicely written tribute to Zoli sr. by David Pinkman on Motocross Action’s website(

for those newish to the AOTMX club Zoli is one of the original gangsters of Alberta motocross. I was not super close to Zoli but I did have quite a few trackside conversations with him, and the impression I usually came away with from these chats was: that this man was as tough as boot leather. I watched him ride many races in the twilight of his career.

I went to Zoli”s life celebration in 2010 and still carry the memorial card in my glovebox wherever I go. On that day I heard many stories validating just how hardy he was. One that struck me the most was when he broke his leg at Washougal and decided to drive himself home. Apparently he called his wife halfway from a payphone,….nothing too crazy,…..beside that fact that he crawled from his truck,…well dragged himself really to get to the phone! with a snapped leg!!! who does that? ………a LEGEND DOES.

we miss you Zoll


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