Race To The Future event

I just wanted to say thank you again to my AOTMX family before the month was gone. I thought I would get to it earlier but I was having trouble getting into  the website. Because I hadn’t been on the website until after it had been updated,  I had to re-register, which took a little longer because my credentials were somehow  mixed up. Everything is fine now. So I wanted to say thank you to all the volunteers that helped to make the Race to the Future event such a success! Everyone from the flaggers, to those doing track prep, scorekeeping and the ladies running  the concession(Walter for the delicious burgers and hotdogs) to those that took part in the raffle, those who donated prizes or sought donors for prizes. Most of all I wanted to thank everyone who attended and stopped by to say hi. The whole day I really felt loved upon. I could see the determination in all the Riders to have fun and stay safe. It was a blessing that no one got too banged up. All I know is that I saw the ambulance  with no lights flashing and the two wonderful EMTs that volunteered their time, leaving for the day. Like I said earlier I felt loved by everyone who was at the race, whether they were riders or volunteers everybody always had a smiling face for me and  I even got some hugs and that’s always wonderful too. When Tyler asked everyone who received an award to all get a picture surrounding me while holding up their award, I thought that was a super special moment for me 🤗 I’ve got a picture to prove it! I will endeavor to get it on the website, for all who were in it or just want to see it. Anyway all in all a fantastic day right from the start, beautiful weather in September no less. Not only that but the track looked like it was in very good shape and no dust so that was a plus! I didn’t have to sit in my garage for an hour getting my son to blow off all the dust on my wheelchair with the air compressor,  because there was none! Thinking back to that day I couldn’t help but express myself in words for everyone to see, just how much I felt loved and a part of this big wonderful MX family, with or without a bike :-).
Ken Stevenson

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