Indoor flat track at the motorcycle show


The Flat Track indoor event will take place at the 2020 Edmonton Motorcycle Show. Ware looking for riderswith a variety of skill levels and an interest in committing a fun weekend

The track will be an oval around the Freestyle jumping area which is roughly the size of a hockey area. Close riding but slow speeds make it relatively safe.


Clubs welcome:

• Alberta Old Timers
• Second Gear Club
• Alberta Mini Road Race
• Alberta Motards
• Vintage MX Alberta
• Alberta Flat Track


• Youth and 50cc will be allowed 2 strokes
• All adult classes are 4 stroke only. 
• 230cc and under class so bring your pit bikes because they work well on this track.
• 250cc and up will be riding together

• Gather up 6+ interested riders anform your own grudge match group.


Classes:$25 entry for each group session includes Flat Track Canada membership and insurance

1.Pro – Flat Track Canada Champions
1)230cc and under 4 stroke big wheel, 250 and 450 MX bikes – 16 years and older
2)Ladies only
3)110 cc youth – 15 and under
4)50cc – youngster under 10

Equipmentall MX gear is good:

MX boot or equivalent with puck board, cutting board,or rug for LH slider
Snell 2010 Hemet
Goggles or face shield
MX pants with hip pads
Elbow protection
Chest protectors
Gloves – suggest with knuckle protection

Bike prep:

No2-strokes expect for the Kidsclass
Rubber on LH peg – hose works good
No oil leaks
21” street tires work well on MX bikes


Hall D

Track layout and tire barriersThursday 16th


Friday Jan17

Freestyle setup and practice 9:00-2:00pm  

Flat Track final set up and test practice 2:00pm-3:00pm   

Performances Times:

3:45-4:15pmFT Racing

5:00pm Freestyle Show

5:45-6:15pm FT Racing

7:00pm Freestyle Show

Saturday Jan18

10:45-11:15am FT Racing

12:00pm Freestyle Show

12:45-1:15pm FT Racing

 2:00pm Freestyle Show



 6:00pm Freestyle Show

Sunday Jan 19

10:30-11:00am FTRacing

12:00pm Freestyle Show

12:45-1:15pm FTRacing

 2:00pm Freestyle Show


• Don Galloway – 780-966-359 
• Chris Pouliot – 780-916-7540  

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