AOTMX and Mylaps Transponders

At the meeting on January 9th 2019 those in attendance (27 members) discussed at length updating the current timing/scoring system used by the AOTMX. We discussed the different types of systems on the market, what their strengths and weaknesses are. Collectively we agreed that the most reliable and user friendly system is the MYLAPS system. We discussed reasons why updating the system is good for the club and riders as well as what challenges are developing if we don’t. The motion was put to vote those for updating to the MYLAPS system vs those against updating to the MYLAPS system. The result was unanimous in favour of updating to the MYLAPS system with transponders. 

We will have an integration year this year where we will run the transponder system and our traditional system. We will have some transponders for rent but do encourage everyone to order one of their own. The transponders will create some fun new data for our club as well the potential to better manage motos and classes. This system is very versatile and there are ways to keep it cost effective.  For example, if there are three riders in your family and all three are in different classes you could potentially transfer the transponder between bikes. 

We are working on a Bulk Order for the members of the club that would like transponders for the beginning of the season. We expect we can keep the cost of each transponder to Approx $140 ( Canadian ) with a 1 year subscription including shipping. Spare mounts are approx $10. I would like to place the order by February 14th to ensure we don’t get caught in the spring rush and risk having some on back order.  If you have any questions or would like to be part of the bulk order for a transponder and or spare mounts please contact me at             780-916-7540 or email me at  

 Chris Pouliot. 
 President, AOTMX 

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  1. Hey Don

    In a few days i will confirm final pricing and let everyone who is on the list know. For the transponders and the mounts I will take E-transfer to me. for the Memberships would prefer the usual send a cheque etc.

    Also I would like to get as many membership as possible in as soon as possible to allow heather and i time to enter everyone and their transponder information into the new system. This will be a big task this year.

    please let me know if you have any questions.


    Chris Pouliot

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