2020 Points Race Season

After weeks of sorting through Health Orders, conversations with AHS and discussing strategies and protocols with the Executive, I have made the unfortunate decision to completely cancel any form of point races and/or series. Thank you to everyone who also went to the AOTMX website and participated with the Poll to help give further input. This decision was not made lightly and I know this may seem frustrating as other Clubs and Tracks are hosting races.
In the last weeks while sorting through all the protocols I have also done some reflecting. There were two prevailing points that I kept coming back to. Firstly, in order to properly comply with the gathering restrictions as they have been explained to me, most of our riders would need to leave their families at home to stay within the “spectator limit”. That doesn’t sit well with me as we are the family oriented Racing Club! Secondly, and most importantly, as low as the risk may be, the consequences of COVID 19 getting into our organization could be devastating.  I know this may be confusing and I apologize if you’re disappointed. However, this decision has been made for the health and well-being of the members of the AOTMX. Cancelling the point races and/or series  will eliminate the pressure of feeling the need to show up and race to gain points.
This is NOT the end of the AOTMX for 2020 though! For the remainder of the summer we will arrange campout/riding weekends at various tracks so we, the AOTMX can enjoy what we love most – friendly competition and bench racing around the fire (socially-distanced of course)! This will allow members of the club that are comfortable to still get out and enjoy our favorite past time with our closest friends. As well, once things dry up will continue with the Westlock Track Rebuild and in addition put together a couple of Team Races in late August/September.

Thank you for your understanding with this decision and please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing you at tracks and in other forms of camaraderie!


By Chris

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